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About OX Agry

OX Agry identify the needs of an individual farmers & various problems in the agricultural industry and implement the integrated solution using the latest software technologies and makes the agri industry as a organized sector.

About Us
Our Mission


To utilize the latest technology and develop products with help of our dedicated teams for assisting farmers to take their business to new heights.

Our Vision


Utilizing the latest technologies, our dedicated team develops the software products to assist farmers in entering the technological era.


To develop applications for farmers in order to handle all agricultural activities remotely without the need for visiting their farm lands.

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Agro Machinery Aggregator (AMAGATOR) has the potential to enhance agricultural productivity and reduce the input cost. Also it reduces the time required to complete the farm operations.

Puddling Leveler

Puddling Leveler

Used to prepare the seed-bed for transplanting rice.



Used exclusively to perform agricultural tasks such as holding grains, transport of goods and materials.

5 tyne cultivator

5 Tyne Cultivator

Used in dry lands for loosening the soil, removal of crop roots, weeds and for Inter-cultivation in orchards.



Used for seed-bed preparation by cutting, pulverizing, mixing, and leveling the soil.

9 Tyne Rigid Cultivator

9 Tyne Rigid Cultivator

Used for stirring and pulverizing the soil for planting and destroying weeds with shallow roots.



Used for all farming and haulage applications.

Our Achievements

We are working to improve the agricultural environment to facilitate the production process by digitizing its workflow.


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What Our Customers Says

As a budding wholesaler, buying tractor early is expensive. OX Agry help us procure a tractor and trailer during harvest season. Their response during these events has been impeccable and I would recommend their services to farmers in need.

Chinna Durai

Grains Wholesaler

Our plot needed rotavator for ploughing due to our faulty one. OX Agry has provided us tools, tractor and driver through their Avegator service. It's been immensely helpful for us. Thank you.